The right package for your event...

Most weddings don't need 10 hours coverage, and the average wedding needs more than 4. Where do you fit in? Finding the right package can seem confusing, but hopefully this guide helps! My goal is for you to have the wedding photographs you dream of, and picking the right package is the start to that!

Think about what you want to remember looking back at your day. Is it people having fun, your mom helping you get dressed, seeing all the little details and those amazing diy projects your so proud of? What are your must have memories? Because thats what wedding photographs are!


In Every Package...

Two Week Turn Around

Yes you read that right, and heres the catch,

I'll probably get them back to you even faster! All photographs returned are the best i've taken, and I fully, I mean FULLY (sometimes photoshop is involved) edit each photo. I've anxiously waited for those wedding photos too, I totally get it!

One Min. Video

Added videography? You betcha! I take little video clips throughout your day for you to remember every moment, and realize all the special moments and memories years and years down the road. Videos are so powerful, you'll be transported right back to the best moments every time you press play.

And, ask me about adding on a video album!

An Engagement Shoot, Complementary

This is for your benefit, and mine as well! There is no bigger decision than your wedding photographer (I know, i'm biased) but the media is the only thing you'll have left after everything. We make sure you like the poses, give you and your fiance some extra practice, and you get to know me better, too so you don't spend 8 hours of the biggest day of your life with a stranger!

Online, Shareable Gallery

This is SO helpful for ending photos to everyone! It lets you send a link to friends, family, grandparents, really anyone you'd like! And you don't even have to explain how to use it, it will walk anyone through the steps, or I can help!

Plus, you'll be able to print right from there, and can easily order the highest quality prints and products. But, you can also order them from wherever you'd like, a print released is attached to every download.

Pricing & Packages

Package 1


4 hours coverage, 500 photographs

The perfect package for a small wedding, late afternoon wedding, or for the couple who wants minimal reception coverage.

Package 2


6 hours coverage, 700 photographs

The perfect package for a bride who wants a little bit of getting ready and a little bit of reception. Takes a little bit of timeline magic, but this package is great for the classic wedding shots, on a budget

Package 3


8 hours coverage, 900 photographs

If you dont want extra stress of craming everything in, this is the package for you! Perfect for the couple that wants a good amount of reception coverage, and getting ready photos! Great for lots of family photos too!

Package 4


10 hours coverage, 1000 photographs

Do you not want any moment missed? do you love documentary photographs? This full day coverage package is perfect for you. You wont miss a single moment, and I'll be there until you leave!


The Fullers

Leading up to our wedding day, Elizabeth and I talked on the phone and over email. She helped us finalize a timeline for our big day. She traveled quite a distance for our big day, showed up early to take detail shots, AND was kind enough to offer a helping hand the day of. She was truly an angel on our big, helping us coordinate the day of. To top it all of, she got our pictures back to us crazy fast. We loved them from the moment we saw them. We also love our wedding video and our family and friends have

You Just Want Video?


Package 1. $600

• Up to 5 hrs Wedding Day Coverage

• 3-4 Minute Highlight Film

• 1 Videographer

• Shareable Link of Highlight Film

• Digital Download of Video File

• 2 week turn around time 

Package 2. $800

• Up to 8 hrs wedding day coverage

• 5-6 Minute Cinematic Highlight Film

• 1 Videographer

• Shareable Link of Highlight Film

• Digital Download of Video Files

Package 3. $1000

• Up to 10 hrs Wedding Day Coverage

• 10-12 Minute Cinematic Highlight Film

• 1 Videographer

• Social Media Teaser

• Shareable Link of Highlight Film

• Digital Download of Video Files

Add Ons

Additional filming hours $100

Raw footage on hard drive $500