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My name is Elizabeth

Life changes so fast! I grew up in Spokane, Wa, and enjoyed summers swimming at Comstock Pool, going to the Park Bench, and winters skiing at Mt. Spokane State Park and sledding down Manito Parks awesome hills.
Now, me and my Fiancé live just outside Spokane on the Palouse, in our first house! We have a baby boy, two cats (both adopted), and have plans to get a dog! We love walking the centennial trail, going on cruises on lake Coeur D'Alene, and grabbing food at Snow Eater in Liberty Lake, Wa.

Some fun facts...

Things I LOVE

I'm passionate about the things listed over here, and if you are too that's way cool!

Swimming & Camping

Ice Cream

The Office

Target/Hobby lobby


My family



I'll get you laughing

My favorite thing clients say after a session is, "That was fun!" Because if your not having fun, I'm not working hard enough! Be warned, I might do some super silly things, but it's so worth it to get true genuine smiles!

Life goes by so fast, make sure to take time to capture memories to remember it all...

I treasure the photos my parents bought of us as kids. They hired a local photographer to take the sweetest photos of me, my brothers, and my grandparents. My parents don't have many photos displayed on their walls, but these photos have lasted for years (over ten years!) and make coming over to their home that much more special. The one regret my mom says when I bring up this photoshoot, is that she never got family photos taken as we

got older.

These photos have lasted so long because they were purchased from a professional lab, taken by a professional photographer. That's why they are called an investment, because the photographs only grow more valuable to me and my family as I start my own family, as my brother goes to college in another state, and as my grandparents get older.

Your really here to...

Meet my Cats

Please Bring Your pets!

Your really here to...

Meet my Cats

Please Bring Your pets!

Your really here to...

Meet My Cats

Please bring your pets!
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