Let's add some meaning.

Not quite sure what to do for your engagement shoot? Want to do something unique, and special to your relationship?

In ALL of my wedding packages a complimentary engagement shoot is offered. This is for a couple of reasons, but the most important one is so you can get some practice in front of the camera before your big day! If you are getting a makeup trial, you should probably do a photoshoot with your photographer as well, but I digress.

Something that you SHOULD incorporate into your engagement shoot is your relationship. And these ideas will help give your shoot personality and meaningfulness.


Use a location special to the two of you! This could be the spot you had your first date, the location your getting married at, or your first living space together. It also could be as simple as a place you go for dates regularly!


Add outfits that match your personality. Are you really into western? Wear cowboy boots and bolo ties. Super into festivals? Wear your best concert outfits. Love color? Wear as much as you can!


Incorporate your favorite foods! Do you love getting pizza together? I'll bring a blanket and you bring a pizza to eat during photos. Love getting ice cream together? Let's go grab some tubs and watch the sunset!


Do something you two love to do during your shoot. If you love to kayake, let's go kayaking! Or maybe your a big fan of board games? Then we will bring some to your shoot! Riding bikes, hiking, watching movies, every couple has something they love to do together, so let's highlight that!

Really, these engagement shoots should be whatever you envision. While I am going to help with outfits, suggest locations, my ultimate goal is for you to feel like yourself in the photos, for your relationship to be highlighted, and for them to be a fun experience!

Hope this helps,


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